Stained Glass

Stained glass refers to either the material of colored glass or the art of working with it. The copper foil method is the most common method we use today. After completing the window design on paper the pieces are numbered and transferred to the glass. The glass is then cut and the edges ground down as necessary to allow the pieces to fit like a puzzle. When the foil method is used the glass is then wrapped in copper foil and soldered together on both sides. A patina is often applied to darken the lead before it is polished and framed.

Bald Eagle
18" x 26" Framed in Maple & Black Cherry.
Room Divider
Black Cherry Frame 9'w X 5'h
Celtic Knot
11" X 11"

Framed in Spalted Maple 22" X 16"
MacLeod Crest
Badges 10" X 12"
Chickadee lamp
Chickadee lamp

Circle Window
Size: 24"
Sail Boat
8" x 26" Framed in Maple and Black Cherry.
18" x 26" Framed in Maple & Black Cherry.

18" x 26" Framed in Maple & Black Cherry.
7"w x 11"h.
7"w x 11"h.

Celtic Knot
24" diameter.
Celtic Knot
Trinity knot aprox 7".
Celtic Knot
Six point knot aprox 13".

Square Celtic Knot
Approx size 13" square.
Celtic Cross
Bevel Celtic Cross approx 9" x 6.5".
Blue Heron
20.5" X 12.5"