Fused Glass

The term warm glass refers to fusing and other glass processes which take place at between 1100 – 1700 Fahrenheit. It is merely warm when you compare it to the glass blowing process which often exceeds 2000 Fahrenheit.

Glass fusing is the process of using a kiln to join together pieces of glass. If you apply heat to glass, it will soften. If you continue to apply heat, the glass will become more fluid and flow together.

Slumping is shaping glass using the heat of a kiln. Sometime a mold is used to take on a certain shape. Other kinds of techniques are combing, which involves using a tool to distort the shape while it is hot, and fire polishing, which uses a kiln to heat the glass just enough to make it shiny and smooth.

When the right kind of glass is heated and cooled properly, the resulting fused glass piece will be solid.

Multicolored Bowl - Colette Samson
Candle Holder- Colette Samson
Colette 2

Colette 3
Sushi Dish Set
Yellow Bowl Side - Colette Samson

Wind Chimes
30" in length
Clown Fish
Bear on Green Glass

Owl on Wispy Glass
Owl on Grey Glass
Bear on Red Glass

Moose on Beige Glass
Clothesline - Colette Samson
Birch Tree Bowl - Colette Samson

Birch Tree Bowl - Colette Samson
Ocean Room
Fused Blown Glass

Fused Glass
Birch Trees
Fused Blown Glass

Folded Bowl - Colette Samson
Red Bowl Side - Colette Samson
Circle Vase
Fused glass on iron stand. 16"h 14" w. Glass flowers by Len Chodirker.

Fused & Slumped 4" X 5" approx.
Clear glass with sandcarved design. Has frog for flower araApprox. 5" X 8" X 2"
Rock Bowl
Rocks from the Bay of Fundy. Approx. 13"

Black Sand Carved Ikebana
8" Diameter
Hanging Vases
Available in Cobalt Blue, Clear and Plum.
"V" Vase
Fused glass with iron frame. Large 12"high x 9" wide

Pinched Blue
12" x 12"
Spiral Sculpture
Fused glass pot melt on iron stand with spiral sand carved on the rock. 17" high by 8"wide.
Combed Sculpture
Fused glass on iron stand. Size: 19"h x 14"w

Arched Ikebana
8"l x 6"w x 2"h
7 Hole Vase
12"wide x 5"high. Also available in plum or cobalt blue.

Triple Patio Lantern
11" x 7"h x 6" Triple candles included.
Single Patio Lantern
6" x 6" x 7"h Comes with single candle.
Dot Pattern Bowl
Description: 16"

Square Plate
12" x 12"
Triangle Pate Plate
8" x 6"
Pate Dish
8" x 6"

Square Plate
Geo pattern. 12" x 12"
Triangle Pate Plate
6" x 8" with wood spoon