Blown Glass

The term “Hot Glass” refers to blown glass. Blown glass is made from silica (sand) and soda ash. It is heated in furnaces, above 2300F, to the molten state. The molten glass is then gathered onto a rod or blow pipe where it is fashioned into the desired shape. It is during the molten stage that the coloured glass is added in the form of chips or powders.

The finished piece is placed into a Lehr, or cooling oven, to slowly cool over a 12 hour period. The final process is the cold working techniques such as polishing and sandblasting.

Spike Glass
Michael Trimpol
Vortex Stemware

Michael Trimpol
Optic Rib Vases
Michael Trimpol
Ribbon Vase
Michael Trimpol
Ribbon Bowl

Flat vase
Reverse Axis 1

Reverse Axis 4
Chili Peppers
Truth Window Vase
Pale green interior, torched "windows", approx. 8"w x 15"h

The Gap Vase
Opaque vase, approx. 8"w x 15"h
Silver and Gold Leaf Vase
Teal Vase approx. 7"w x 13"h

Paperweight 3.5"w x 3.5"h
Available in various colours approx. 3"w x3"h
Dragon Tail Vase
Opaque yellow interior, approx. 8"w x 15"h

Terry Nicholls
Terry chopping some smalti.

Don Pell
Wall Disks
Don Pell
Wall Disks
Don Pell
Wall Disks

Don Pell
Wall Disks
Hummingbird on Flower

Black and Gold Fern Vase
Sparkly plum interior, approx. 8"w x 14'h

Bottle Cup
Opaque Ribbon Flat
Marble on Dish

Ribbon Vase
Vortex Flared Lip Small in Ocean with Cerulean
Curtis Dionne
Teal, Yellow & Pink Vase

Curtis Dionne
Teal/Purple & Orange
Curtis Dionne
Table Flower
Approx. 9" x 9" Good for outdoors or indoors.

Roots Paperweight
Approx. 3"x3"
Engraved Bowl
9" h x 8" w
Engraved Vase
12"h x 7"w

Mderna Vases
Lg. Vase 12"h x 3"w, Sm. Vase 9"h x 3"w
Lip Wrap Vase
9"h x 3"w
Lip Wrap Vase
9"h x 5"w

Roots Sculpture
Description: 13"h x 5"w Variety of sizes available
Four Seasons Vase
Vase 14"h x 4"w
Oil Lamps
Bubble Oil Lamp Variety of colors. 7"h x 3"

Approx. 12"h x 12"l x 7"w
Leather Back Turtle
Blue Heron
Blown blue glass with forged iron.

Beguile Forest
Opaque vase, olive green interior, approx. 9"w x 16'h
Cosmos of Chaos
Transparent vase with foot, approx. 8"w x 15"h
Blown glass body with forged iron.

Blown glass centre with forged iron. Approx. 11"h
Table Top Candle
Blown glass oil candle with forged base. Approx. 9"h
Spirit Lady
Blown glass ball with forged iron body. Approx. 40"

Blown glass with forged iron legs. Approx. 5"h x 9"w
Three Disk Mobile
Forged Iron and glass good for indoors or out. Available in various colours, approx. 30"w x 50"l
Three Ball Mobile
Forged Iron and glass, good for indoors or out. Available in various colours, approx. 24" x 40"

Approx. 11"w x 5"h