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Marcela Rosemberg

Marcela Rosemberg is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and has been involved in various art forms all her life. Art has been a part of her for as long as she can remember. Her love for glass began when she started experiencing the magic of fusing and kilnforming. She realized then that it was going to be her every day source of energy. “And it is!” She combines her work as an artist with teaching and researching.

Glass was the key to start living in beautiful Prince Edward Island 8 years ago. She slowly became part of the fabric of this tiny Canadian Island province, located in the Atlantic Ocean. Infusing her compelling love and respect for nature, for her Jewish faith and for her own sensitivity she expresses her emotions and creates each piece as a “one of a kind”. In few words “she spreads her wings and flies”!

Marcela is proud to say that galleries, art circles, and private collectors have her original and one of a kind works of art. Beauty, simplicity, elegance and function are essential components in her glass designs. In her studio she’s looking for that special blend of colours and textures that leads her to each piece of glass she carefully designs.